What Makes You A Credit Repair Candidate?

Your credit plays a significant part daily. A good credit score can help you get good loan deals. If you plan on buying a home, buying a car, taking out a personal loan, or even renting a home, ensure you have a decent credit score to get the best deals available. Being a credit repair candidate is the least we want if you want a smooth transaction in the future.

A credit repair company, like Credit Repair Now, helps you when you need to fix your credit and are unfamiliar with how improving the credit process works. A company can complete the task more accessible and efficiently because they have the experience.

How will you know if you are a credit repair candidate?

1. You’ve been denied a credit card.

 A credit card has played a considerable part in our everyday life convenience. Almost everyone has credit cards, and if you apply for a credit card and get denied, it’s a sign that you need a credit repair.

If a card issuer denied you, they’dthey’d give you an adverse action notice stating why you got rejected. If it is your credit score, you have to repair it; otherwise, you won’twon’t be able to get a credit card.

2. If you can’t establish electricity or other services under your name.

If this is the case, you should check your credit scores to see if they are up to standard. Then it’s time to repair your credit if you fail to meet the standard. Utility services are one of the businesses that check your credit score to decide if they will continue or render you assistance.

3. Debt collectors are calling you.

If collectors start calling you, meaning your creditors have given up on you. It will reflect on your credit report and affect your future loans. That is why paying your bills accordingly significantly affects your credit score.

4. You can’t get a job.

Suppose your credit score is keeping you from getting a job. Then, you need a credit repair. Not all, but some employers do credit checks to hire or promote, especially if the position concerns financial and top executive positions.

While you repair your credit, consider applying for companies that don’tdon’t require credit checks.

5. Landlords won’t let you rent their rental properties.

Landlords do a credit check. They will review your credit report and history to determine whether you are a good payer. If you have serious offenses on your credit report, your application will most likely be turned down.

Check your credit report first before applying for rentals. That way, you’ll be able to fix the problem beforehand.

How to Avoid Credit Repair Scams?

While credit repair companies are legitimate, it is also a field of scams. There are ads everywhere that are too good to be true. So how do you avoid them?

1. If they insist on payment before service.

A legit credit repair company will not demand payment beforehand. In fact, you are allowed to cancel with them within three days, free of charge. If they insist on getting a fee first, run. That company is most likely a scam.

2. Advise you to refrain from checking on credit bureaus.

 Credit bureaus have all your credit information, so why aren’t you allowed to contact them? That will be the first red flag for a credit company.

3. Tells you to dispute information even if it’s accurate.
4. Tells you to give false information on credit application.

Giving false information on credit applications is illegal. Also, a legit company will not encourage you to lie. They tell you to provide only facts because they will be the ones who’llwho’ll suffer if there’s a lot of incorrect information in your report.

5. Fail to explain legal rights.

Before rendering service, a legit credit company will explain your legal rights before proceeding. They should explain the procedures and how long it will take to finish. Also, they will provide a written contract for you.

How to Repair your Credit as a Credit Repair Candidate?

1. Improve payment history.

Your payment history is the length of your credit payments. To improve your credit history, ensure you are paying on time and not missing any fees. Pay the minimum amount on your credit card if you can’t afford to pay in full. But remember, do not always pay the minimum. If you want to improve your credit history, pay your entire balance.

2. Use credit wisely.

Remember that you can’t be close to your credit limit when using your credit card. To improve your credit history, use only 35% or less of your credit limit to maintain low credit utilization.

3. Catch up on overdue bills.

If you need to catch up on your payments, you first need to contact your creditor. If you need help paying for your credit, your creditor will see if they have more accessible options. They can help you solve your problem.


As you can see, your credit is essential. If you are struggling to fix your credit, hiring a credit repair company should be one option. It will be easier and hassle-free.

Your credit is a part of you, and maintaining a high credit score can give you privilege. Best loan offers, negotiate your rates, and much more. So fixing your credit as early as now is the only solution.

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