Building Healthy Credit Score

Our ultimate goal is to improve your credit score to deliver an essential impact on your financial journey.

Credit Repair Expert

Credit Repair Now is one of Canada’s fastest growing credit repair companies. We attribute our continuous success and growth to our client-centric culture, since establishing in 2015.

Our Certified Professionals are reliable, trained and experienced in the Client Repair Now results driven process, allowing restoration to continue with rebuilding making financial success a reality again.

Credit Repair Now embeds truly independent financial guidance in to our customized – goals based program. As we understand that every client is unique and has specific financial goals in life, we recommend the proper lender for each client.

Our established and proven system at Credit Repair Now has paved the way to build and continue to help our clients along their financial journey


What Make Us Different

– We offer affordable quality packages to assist you.

– Secured 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

– Independent Financial Guidance

– Excellent Customer Support

– Debt Consolitdation Services

– Loans

– Bad Credit Mortgage Program

A credit repair service that you can always depend on no matter what financial situation you have. We offer quality and affordable packages assisting your mortgage journey.

Quick and less hassle process with excellent customer support. Our Credit repair experts are certified professionally trained and know the best strategic plan for your credit repair in Canada.

Secured and a money-back guarantee offer that aims to satisfy and makes it a win for our clients. Legally upright and has an established good relationship with credit bureaus.

Our services have accumulated good reviews that reflect our commitment to meeting good results for our client’s financial goal.

As a company, we carry out the best principles to serve our clients with utmost dedication and honesty. We continue to evolve to reach our goals to constantly help our clients with different financial situations.

How We Works


We thoroughly review your credit report to assess and remove inaccurate information that negatively affects your credit score. We make recommendations that are fine tuned to each client, for their financial goals.


We help in collecting any necessary documents needed to support and assist in disputing your concern. Our dispute system is simple and permanent. Making sure you do not have to deal with the same problem twice.


We monitor all activity updates and tracks changes on your credit report history, providing you security to prevent potential fraud. We are the best place to get guidance for your financial goal

You are Partnering with A Safe & Secure Company.

Principly Guided, Ethicly Lead

Real time activity

A less hassle process, is our promise

Learning & Insights

Our Certified Professionals are backed with accurate information, updated regularly, to best serve you.

Expert Guidance

Certified professional with proven experience is demonstrated., to navigate our process, seamlessly.

Quality Customer Support

Responsive and approachable client service helpline available to answer your questions along the way. We put the customer, BACK IN SERVICE.