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    What is a Bad Credit Mortgage?

    A bad credit mortgage always correlates with a poor credit score. It is caused by credit problems that hinder you from getting your dream credit. Most Canadians had challenging moments applying for a mortgage in banks with their poor credit score and low-income stream. This scenario brings a bad credit mortgage that makes Canadians look for alternatives to get approval.

    Major banks and other central mortgage lenders will always require and expect individuals with an excellent credit score to grant them their desired loans. On the other hand, a bad credit mortgage in Canada is open through alternative lenders to still provide individuals an option to get their dream credit.

    A poor credit score comes with late or missed payments on mortgage or credit cards, high revolving debts on credit cards, bankruptcy, and or a consumer proposal in the last seven years. These factors affect your credit score, which results in a poor credit score.

    The alternative lenders who we work with offer quick approval on mortgage loans even with a low credit score, low income, and a non-confirmable type of income. We give time to work and look for the best-fit mortgage solutions for your needs. Additionally, the best mortgage deals offer favorable rates that match your financial situation.

    In many points, a bad credit mortgage broker is an excellent decision to consider. This professional knows how to find the best deal to fit your financial situation. He will also provide you with relevant services to get your dream homeownership even with a bad credit score.

    Late Payment
    credit repair

    Our professional and expert mortgage brokers understand every financial struggle you have. Whether you had a bad score because of late payments or missing some costs, they can also give you ways to support your financial spending. They are willingly happy working with people who are credit challenged to make them get back on the favorable credit profile again.

    Most alternative and private lenders will not credit check because they do not emphasize your credit history but rather on your needs. They look to alleviate the risk through properties rather than through a borrower. These can be ideal lenders for those who have a complex credit score or people who are newcomers to Canada.
    On the other hand, credit history is an essential factor in getting approved with a mortgage application from a conventional lender. But alternative lenders do not pay much attention to your score.

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    What Makes Us Canada’s Best Bad Credit Mortgage Lender

    Our proven and established system has paved the way to make us one of the outstanding services you can depend on with your mortgage journey. The experts in our team are well-rounded with their professional experiences in the field. We commit to pride ourselves as credible consistently.

    Our principle pillars, commitment, goal-oriented, and fast process, are the ones we follow in rearing our exemplary services to our customers. We are happy to serve and create good reviews that make us more motivated in our expertise.

    We know the best mortgage deal that best fits your financial information here in our company. Our strong connections to every mortgage lender are observed, so you will have numerous options to choose from.

    We are your dependable committed companion that you can always rely on whatever financial situation you have. A dream of having a promising future doesn’t need to be taken alone; sometimes, a good friend can ladder you to reaching that dream.

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      How to get a Bad Credit Mortgage in Canada?

      Central banks will always put a line to those who don’t have an excellent score. That’s why more Canadians are turning their attention to alternative lenders available. So, even if you have a bad credit score and are self-employed, you can qualify for a bad mortgage.

      However, a borrower with a good credit score makes it to low-interest rates than a borrower who has a low score and causes it to opposite rates. But credit is not the sole indicator of interest rates that you’ll pay. Your income and debt ratio also play a significant role in delivering your rates.

      Here’s a determinant of your credit score and its advantage.

      How can I qualify for a Bad Credit Mortgage?

      Follow these few steps in making your bad credit mortgage approved a little easier.

      1. Larger Down Payment

      Applicants with a high credit score can give a down payment of as little as 5%, but applicants with a low credit score are usually required to put down at least 15% – 20%. If you pay attention to your down payment, there’s a great possibility of having an approved low-interest rate.

      2. Proof of monthly income

      Like any mortgage application requires to show their income is enough to support monthly payments. Most lenders used their formula to calculate if the borrower would be able to pay their monthly mortgage payments. Bad credit mortgage applicants should secure and prove that their income will affect their monthly payments.

      3. Look for a trusted co-signer

      This gurantor could be your trusted friend or family member with an excellent credit score that can back you up with your mortgage. This way, it gives your lender security if you ever default on your mortgage. Once you find a reliable co-signer, it lessens the risk for your mortgage lender to approve you

      4. Consult a Mortgage Broker

      Considering professional help is the most defined way you can think in your mortgage journey. A mortgage broker connects you to a favorable lender that best fits your financial situation. You should always follow their pieces of advice as they have professional knowledge about it. Their service assistance brings more possibilities to your decisions.

      5. Property Appraised

      This appraisal will provide your lender with an estimation of the value of your home, given that your lender will have the help of their partnered appraisal company to perform it. After a successful appraisal, your lender will try to assess the risk of your loan through the loan to value ratio that is set by calculating the amount borrowed against the total appraised property value.

      6. Have a cross-collateralization

      Suppose you can’t put up a larger down payment while you have a low credit score applying for a mortgage. In that case, you may consider adding a property as cross collateral. It could be from your won or your trusted friend. The total loan to value ratio is calculated based on properties and loans in most cases. This way, it decreases the risk for your lender, from the combined loan to value ratio and property as collateral, and brings you up low-interest rates.

      Advantages of a Bad Credit Mortgages in Ontario

      • Hassle-free approval
      • No credit score requirement
      • It can help you improve your poor credit score

      Disadvantages of a Bad Credit Mortgage in Ontario

      • High-interest rates
      • Additional fees

      Areas of Bad Credit Mortgage that May Benefit You

      • When purchasing a property
      • Refinancing to pay your debts
      • Refinancing for any property renovations
      • Rebuild your credit score

      We always understand every financial situation you are facing. A poor credit score doesn’t always represent that you’re not creditworthy. Sometimes life throws rocks to challenge us that may affect not only financial matters but also the other areas of life. But there’s always a hope to bridge you meet your desired credit to bring a promising future on your end.

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      A low credit score might always be a decline if you apply to a conventional lender or major bank. Fortunately, they are not the only option you can choose from.

      B Lenders and Private Lenders open their doors to cater to individuals who don’t have an excellent score. But, of course, you’ll expect these alternative lenders to have a different setup that sets them apart from central banks.

      Even if you have a low score refinancing a mortgage is still open for you. However, you must know that refinancing your mortgage lower than the original credit requires a problematic application.

      You will have to provide documents to make your application more appealing and convincing. So, in this case, having a low score for a refinance may not come with a low-interest rate on the market. But on the other hand, you may want to consider a mortgage broker that can find the best match lender for you.

      A poor score is a massive influence on your mortgages and loans. Most of the deals from a low score come with high-interest rates due to your low score. An excellent score makes an advantage since you can get the best deals that are comfortable for you without worrying about interest rates.

      A bad credit score may limit your mortgage possibilities, but it doesn’t mean it could stop you from getting your desired goal.

      Of course, you can qualify for a bad credit mortgage. You may want to prepare your profile to be more convincing and appealing to the eyes of the lenders.

      However, lenders will check your credit history to determine how you are regarding finances. This is important for them to know if you can keep up your monthly payments. Furthermore, you may also want to create a financial system to improve your spending.

      If you have a bad credit score and aim for a mortgage, you may want to shop for different bad credit mortgage lenders in your area. Always try to search for several lenders that you think will help you and decide which one is the best among them.
      It is always an expectation to have a bad credit mortgage to come with high-interest rates. However, you can find the best that suits your financial situation.

      It depends on your lender. If you miss monthly payments, there is a chance of renewal rejection, and they can also refuse you for various reasons. But, if you are paying much attention to your expenses, you’re good. It speaks volumes to your lender that you are responsible and dependable with repaying them.

      On the other hand, if you got a rejection with your lender upon your renewal, you may contact your mortgage broker to connect you with other lenders that might be interested and willing to approve you.

      Our Credit Repair Specialists are ready to answer your questions.
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