How Are Credit Scores Calculated?

Prime lenders see our credit score as a basis for mortgage approval. Whether or not they will lend us and offer us lower interest rates in our favor.

If you are hoping to purchase and you’ve just begun your mortgage loan, you must always be aware of the fact that you must convince your credit financial institutions and prime lenders that you are not a risky borrower.

However, imagine a scenario in which you have a poor credit report. Will you even be qualified to meet all requirements to borrow from lenders?

Does A Bad Credit For Mortgage Qualify?

When you are uncertain that your credit score might be too poor to even consider qualifying for a home or car loan or in case you’re unaware of what is the lowest scoring range expected to purchase a home, calculating your credit score and knowing the standard scoring model should raise your confidence.

Studying the significance of your credit accounts will give you the improvements necessary to help you construct your credit before buying your foremost mortgage.

Here is a quick credit score range:
  • 780-850 – Excellent and does qualify for best interest rates
  • 740-779 – Very good and usually qualifies for best interest rates
  • 720-739 – Above average and may face slightly higher interest rates
  • 680-719 – Average score and may qualify for most loans at higher interest rates
  • 620-679 – Below average and may qualify for most loans at significantly higher interest rates
  • 580-619 – Poor credit score including some credit issues and will probably not qualify
  • 520-579 – Very poor credit score with serious credit issues and unlikely to qualify for any loan
  • 519 and below – Have detrimental credit issues and need to seek a credit specialist

What Difference Does It Make?

An Equifax or TransUnion credit report reflects how properly you manage credit and how prone you are to reimburse obligations.

Prime lenders and banks take decisions on whether they will grant you a loan based on your credit history and score. It will determine how much, how long, the purchase price, and what rates you will be offered.

How To Boost Your Credit Score?

Fixing your bad credit image helps you to acquire a wide range of promising possibilities and build a reasonable amount of savings.

Here are some tips to ponder:

  • Pay your bills on time
  • Use credit ratios wisely
  • Monitor your payment history
  • Aim for a lasting credit
  • Own diverse types of credit
  • Avoid applying too many at the same time
  • Make a dispute letter
  • Resolve identity theft immediately
  • Seek a bad credit mortgage broker
  • Seek a credit repair specialist at creditrepairnow.ca

Does Having A Co-Applicant Better?

When having a hard time getting that approval caused by a poor credit score, and knowing there’s someone close to you having a better score, does it improve the odds of qualifying for an approval?
Prime lenders always take the lowest middle score from both the primary and co-applicant.

For instance, if your scores are 680, 700, and 720 and your co-applicants score is 740, 760, and 780, they will use 700 as a deciding factor.

Having a co-applicant only makes your application look better for lenders so that they may consider offering you reasonable rates. However, the primary applicant holds property rights.

Does Credit Score the Only Determinant?

Credit scores are not the only conclusive key to getting qualified. Lenders also take into account income, and current payable accounts as well as your loan type. Even if you have poor credit, this information can affect your eligibility for approval.

Final Thoughts

Bad Credit for getting a mortgage is still possible. Repairing and increasing your credit score can be worthwhile in your future applications. Keeping track of your financial assessment and checking your credit report helps you get progressive lower fixed rates and beneficial terms in the long run.

We are your mortgaging and credit repair experts for 9 years running with offices in and around Canada. Our expertise lies in credit rebuild and credit score assessment led by our founder Faizal Garasia, an authority both in credit relief and mortgage transactions.

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