Get a Second Mortgage in Toronto at Ease

A lot of people want a great deal of change from time to time. That’s why Second Mortgage Toronto has become an increasingly popular option. It is best for people who need money to cover major expenses such as home renovations, car repair or tuition fees. It is named a second mortgage because it follows the first mortgage acquired to purchase a home.

Getting a second mortgage in Toronto and other places across Ontario also gives homeowners a privilege to consolidate debt. Although the second mortgage has higher interest rates than the first mortgage, these rates are considered much better as they are often lower than those high-interest credit cards, lease payments, or credit unsecured lines.

Once you use a second mortgage to consolidate debt, it can help boost your credit score. Likewise, it is easier for you to qualify for a mortgage with a prime lender. Though it is not the same case to people with bad credit mortgages, it does not mean that they can no longer get a second mortgage. It is just not a simple task to do but it is possible. Bad Credit Mortgages Canada is not new to lenders but if you want to acquire the second mortgage, then meet your financial obligations on time and work on increasing your credit score.

Why People Get a Second Mortgage?

Second mortgages are becoming more prevalent as they cover major costs. They are a loan secured usually backed up by a real estate property such as your home. In other words, your property becomes collateral when you decide to get a second mortgage. It is necessary because you need to obtain something that has equity to borrow against. Take note, the real estate has an existing first mortgage.

The equity may be the result of your home appreciation, a principal mortgage down, or a big initial down payment that you made upon purchasing the property. By getting a second mortgage, you can refinance up to 85 percent of your property’s value.

So now that we have defined what a second mortgage is, let us then discuss the most common reasons why a lot of people acquire one.

Use as Down Payment

When buying another property, you have to put up about 20% down payment. This is where the second mortgage comes in. It is used to cover up costs and other fees that you can’t afford.

Pay off Debt

People typically get second mortgages to pay off debts that were left unattended. The debts consolidated turned into unmanageable amounts due to the high-interest rates. Because second mortgages often offer low rates, then it is wiser to use one to get rid of the debts with high interest. If you have other loans, then you can also use your second mortgage to pay them off.

Renovate a Property

Ever want to have home renovation but it’s just too expensive? Then go for a second mortgage. You can use your home equity to get one and cover all expenses of the renovation.

Paying for Tuition Fees

Tuition fees for high education can be so expensive. But if you have your home equity, then you can use it to acquire a second mortgage and pay all necessary fees for the tuition.


Getting into a business requires you to have a considerable amount of cash. You may use the second mortgage to your advantage and use the money for the wise investment.

How Do You Qualify For a Second Mortgage?

There are four areas that lenders will look into for you to qualify with a second mortgage. Take note of the following:

  • Equity– Lenders easily put their trust on you once you have more equity. It will give you higher chances to qualify for a second mortgage.
  • Income– It is necessary to have a stable income because lenders want to ensure that you will be able to make payments.
  • Credit score– Outstanding credit score helps you to easily get approval for a second mortgage. It also gives you lower interest rates.
  • Property– Lenders want assurance that their investment is safe with you. Thus, you will get better chances of approval when you have a property that will serve as your collateral. This is made to secure the lenders’ investment once you are unable to pay your mortgages.

How to get a second mortgage?

To apply for a second mortgage in Toronto, you must be able to meet the requirements of lenders so that you can get higher chances of approval. This includes the four areas that lenders will look into. They want to ensure your capability of paying two mortgages over a period of time.

To obtain a second mortgage, then take the following steps.

  • Get a deposit– you will be required to have at least a 5% deposit of the property’s value.
  • Meet the criteria for affordability – remember that you are not allowed to borrow more than four times your income.
  • Improve your credit score – Work on improving your credit score. Fix all errors and make sure to meet your payments.
  • Prepare the necessary documents– Make sure to have all documents needed to support your second mortgage application.
  • Compare mortgages– Find the best deals for you which are available in the market. You may use a mortgage calculator to compute how much your monthly repayments would be for your deposit and amount borrowed.

Get an ‘Agreement in Principle’ – Test your chances for a mortgage approval by getting an ‘Agreement in Principle’ and know where to stand.

Getting a second mortgage in Toronto can be arranged with greater ease because of the availability of lenders both institutionally and privately. However, a second mortgage is a serious undertaking. You are risking your property here, and if you can’t keep up with your payments, then you are more likely to lose your property.

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