6 Ways to Help Yourself with Credit Repair


There is a lot of credit card companies that give different offers. They can be seen on TV, Radio, ads, posters or they may reach out to you via email or phone calls.

They offer help in terms of money or any kind of loans. Most of us have a credit card now, everything we purchase; we pay mostly using our credit cards.

Many people fall from different scams that offer help just to fix our financial problems. Help yourself from people who claim to fix your credit score.

How to improve yourself

 When having incorrect information, you should always keep track of all the details.

  1. Pay bills on time. They are very focused on how reliably you pay bills. Avoid making late payments,so it will not affect your credit score negatively. Your credit score will not get improve until you always make your bills paid on time. So make it a habit to pay your bills on time. It is one of the best ways to improve credit card score.
  2. Keep balances low on credit. Banks or lenders usually like to see ratios of 30% or less. When having the credit utilization ratio low, it means you know how to manage credit well. Make sure your credit limit is under the maximum, it doesn’t look good when your credit card is maxed out
  3. Do not apply for too much new credit.Too many hard inquiries can have a bad impact on your credit score, though this effect will fade over time. The hard inquiries stay on your credit card for at least two years.
  4. If you have any errors, dispute them. Sometimes, bad credit is not your fault. Of course, errors are not common but they happen. So,if you see any errors on your credit report even a small one, dispute it because it is worth it in the long run.

Open a new credit card as needed. Applying for a new account just to have a better credit mix does not repair your credit score. Unnecessary credit can have a bad impact on your credit card score in many ways.

Credit repair fraud

There are many phishing websites or fraudulent phone calls that will get you your personal information. Do not let them steal your personal data.

You can tell that the credit repair company is fraudulent if:

  • They said they will only accept cash
  • They do not have a physical store or address
  • They guarantee that your credit card score will improve faster
  • Claims that they will be able to create a new credit report
  • Promise to remove bad credit
  • They do not explain or disclose your legal rights
  • They charge fees in advance
  • They will not explain how you can cancel it

No one wants to find out that they have become a victim of credit card fraud, it will surely affect their emotional health. Credit card fraud happens every day. You will find yourself wondering how your card was compromised by somebody.

These are some steps to take if fraud happens to you:

  • Call your credit card company immediately
  • Check all your credit card accounts and change your password right away
  • Call the police if necessary and notify the credit bureaus
  • Monitor your transactions, statement, and credit reports

These can help you to stay up on your credit card activities.

Final Thoughts

Focus on paying your bills on time. It may take months or even years to improve your credit score. If you have a plan on buying a new home, or planning to take any other big debt, believe me, it is worth it.

It’s up to you to make the decision. You have to do it for yourself. It seems easy but it is actually not. Protect yourself from the scams, do yourself a favor, save some money, and know your limits.

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