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The comments from our customers

"Professional and friendly, these guys are great. Exceeded my expectations and got things completely in order so that I can now move forward towards my goals."

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Holly B

"Credit repair is amazing. I had bad credit from the past. I felt lost and did not know what to do to fix it. Thanks to Credit Repair Now my credit score now is great and I recently scored a line of credit."

Elena K

"Big THANK YOU for helping me get my credit back on track. Because of my past credit history, where ever I applied to get any type of credit I was turned down. I still cannot forget how bad I felt in my bankers office when I he checked my credit. I didn’t know what was wrong and how to fix it. No one seemed to know where to start. was the only one that helped me and boosted my credit score. I literally couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the final credit report. Their magic was able to get me in my condo within 4 months. I definitely recommend"

Victor A

"I would have no hesitation to recommend Faizal Garasia for his credit repair expertise. He was very methodical to guide me through the whole process of repairing my past derogatory credit. Mortgage brokers always said that my mortgage application was a “B file”. Instead of calling it a “B file”, Faizal helped me understand and walked me through the process which included fixing my credit. Now with my fixed up credit sky is the limit. I cannot Thank him enough for what he has done for me."

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