Can Credit Repair Really Work For You?

Most of us know enough knowledge on how to fix our own cars from changing tires to cooling off engines without asking anyone’s help. However, when your car breaks down, tires lose alignment, and the engine needs an oil change, most of us would visit automobile repair shops and mechanics to diagnose our vehicle’s problems rather than doing it on our own.

This scenario is very much likely how credit repair works. While we have extensive knowledge on how to repair , build, and fix our credit when something goes wrong, consulting a credit repair specialist makes our credit health recovery much smoother, faster, and more precise. This is to your advantage most especially if you are planning to apply for a mortgage for poor credit borrowers.

What Is A Credit Repair Company?

A credit repair organization is a third-party service that aims and attempts to get information disputed or removed from its client’s credit reports in exchange for fees and payments. Credit repair services are a for-profit marketed as helping people and clients build, repair, and improve their credit. This is a legal service at the federal level and is almost available in any state.

How To Work On Repairing Your Credit

When repairing your own credit without any help from experts, you can do quite a lot on your own to recover it as a consumer. Even without credit repair training, you could:

  1. Research and educate yourself while understanding how credit repair works and learning the benefits of working around your credit.
  2. Avoid overspending, impulse buying using credit, over borrowing from lenders, and exceeding beyond your credit card limits.
  3. Send accurate dispute letters to your credit bureau and follow up your status as well as monitor incoming and outgoing transactions month after month.
  4. Purchase of credit monitoring service while looking at current credit score month to month.

Most people are not willing to repair and improve their credit and use their time to become experts in their credit resolution. Yet, knowing that there is something wrong with your credit should prompt you to action to make your financial health stable. If you’re having second thoughts about doing this on your own, there are several mortgage lenders specializing in bad credit that can provide professional advice – for a price.

Do Credit Repair Companies Work?

Having an expert acting as your backup in repairing your bad credit is a big plus factor in reestablishing yourself as creditworthy. You won’t be seen as a risk and your lenders will grant you the loan applied for.

The following are the cons of hiring the services of credit repair agencies:

  1. Credit repair specialists consistently do follow-ups both for the client and from the credit bureaus, respectively.
  2. A credit repair company has become interested and is focused in increasing their client’s credit score and would not be discouraged from big financial institutions and credit unions that don’t take push-backs from credit bureaus.
  3. Credit repair companies, as well as its credit repair specialists, accumulated long extensive hours of experience and continue to improve and develop a level of trust, and satisfaction for its clients. Credit experts have dedicated themselves to credit repair and knows the intricacies of how credit repair works better than any of us would ever will.

You can research a few names of credit repair companies to have an idea of how they can serve your needs.

Items Most Likely To Be Disputed:

  1. Unsubstantiated Items
  2. Accounts on your credit report that are not proved to be substantiated by the information provider are often removed by credit bureaus
  3. Fraudulent Items
  4. Outdated Items
  5. Inaccurate Items

Many credit repair companies claim that they have been deleting millions of negative credits information and entries. However, there is no statistical data supporting its existence and its impact on its client’s credit scores, a number of disputed files that resulted in deletion, or the average fees paid by their clients.

Final Thoughts

There is nothing that you can’t do while credit repair companies claim that they only do. It’s much better to be responsible and ensure your financial health on your own. If you don’t mind having negative information in your account for 10 years, don’t worry because they will eventually be deleted from your record instantly once the decade is over. Always seek the advice of a professional credit repair specialist if you are having second thoughts. It is better to be safe rather than sorry in the end.

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