Method to Dispute Credit Card Charge backs


Whether we like it or not, credit card chargebacks happen on a daily basis. Sometimes you will be surprised when your credit report comes and there are several inaccurate records and transaction dates.

Whether it is an overcharged product and services or a purchase that you never received. Errors and incorrect information may be a coincidence or some evil act of a third party. Possessing extensive knowledge of using a dispute could be beneficial to your credit health.

Here are methods for disputing a credit charge back:

Credit Charge backs Explained

It is an act of refunding or getting back the cash and money used in a transaction by a credit cardholder.

You could request a credit charge back from your credit card issuer in case there are situations that are fraudulent and puzzling transactions that validate to be inaccurate and incorrect.

When requesting a refund and a cashback, you should be ready to provide supporting documents and proof to confirm the wrong transaction. The credit card company will determine whether it is correct and if fortunate, they will grant the reimbursement of your credit charge back.

Keep in mind that credit chargebacks are not guaranteed and instantly granted. It comes with careful assessment and investigation. It is also for consumer protection to have the power and capacity to correct wrongfully charged transactions. It is not a quick money guarantee for someone who has a recent low degree of a bad case.

Credit card charge back dispute process often in these circumstances :

  • Charging double price or double items when you only purchased one.
  • Getting a transaction for an item or service you did not even receive or bought.
  • Inaccurate or incorrect amount charges.
  • Defective, faulty, misleading descriptions and fake purchased items
  • Items did not arrive or did not receive as well as not rendered services to the consumer
  • Charged services, subscriptions,s and reservations which you had already canceled before
  • No proper issuance of a refund from a chargeback fraud

Charge back Process

  1. The customer needs to call customer service first.
  2. The cardholder disputes a transaction with their issuing bank who then increases temporary credit.
  3. The Issuing bank sends a retrieval request to the acquiring bank to gain new data.
  4. Collect and release banks to settle the dispute if possible, otherwise, the acquiring bank transmits a chargeback notification to the merchant.
  5. Merchant either acknowledge the chargeback or fights it by resubmitting the charge along with the required data to disprove the claim
  6. The issuing bank will audit the new data and make a final decision. If they find in consideration of the merchant, the temporary credit will be reversed and returned to the merchant’s bank.
  7. At this time, if any party is unhappy with the decision, they can request more review, which puts the chargeback action into the pre-arbitration phase.
  8. In case that the bank cannot comply with an agreement, the process invades arbitration’s

Credit Specialist

When having a troublesome issue on your credit like identity theft and fraud, it is better recommended to seek a credit specialist for your credit card statement needs.

These professionals could dispute a charge and have extensive knowledge about fixing and repairing credit. They could also give you free expert advice on how to dispute errors on credit card cashback.

They specialize in big cases and problems that cannot be fixed alone. They provide credit score fixing service as well as boosting your credit score. In that way, you could open opportunities for lower interest rates when acquiring bad credit mortgage loans.

Accepting help from a credit repair specialist seems worthwhile in the long run. Although they charge some fees, it could prove beneficial in the long run.

Final Thoughts

Overall, credit card chargebacks are an everyday occasion, keeping in mind a good track of financial overview on your finances gives you an edge for disputing errors. 

Always keep supporting documents and proof, this will help the your chances when those errors encounter. If credit card holders get on a troublesome case like fraud and theft identity, credit card issuers grant zero liability policy which is a good thing for borrowers.

When you or any of your loved ones confront these situations, it is better to always keep an eye on your bank accounts and be ready now than sorry later.

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