Top 10 Reasons Why Hybrid Mortgage is Better

Home ownership could be a long road to take, especially if you are a recent graduate or a new professional having difficulties regarding the income needed to qualify for a mortgage.

It is always possible to respond and consider other beneficial offers that may come our way. That is why choosing a hybrid home loan is a better option to accept for your future goals.

Hybrid Mortgage Simplified

Also, known as hybrid adjustable rate mortgage (hybrid ARM) or a fixed-period ARM that has a 50/50 mortgage rate portion. This type of mortgage or home loan contains a blend of fixed-rate mortgage followed by a variable rate mortgage throughout the life of the loan.

#1 Well Suited for Starters

This type of home loan is an ingenious alternative that makes mortgage application and approval qualifications for starters possible and affordable.

Even if you had just started your career and establishing your financial stability, lenders will consider your future borrowing potential and offer you a low fixed interest rate for a start.

#2 In Unison with your Finances

As you climb up the ranks on your job or business your improves, your income could increase as well.

A hybrid arm mortgage usually has an upfront long-term fixed rate for about 5-10 years plan given to borrowers and after that, interest rates increases as well as mortgage payments throughout the rest number of the years left.

At a later date, the stability of a fixed rate will slowly change to a variable mortgage rate.

#3 Loan Amount

Complying for at least a 20% down payment, lenders could grant you up to 80% of a subject property’s purchase price. This consists of a 20% conventional mortgage and a 60% home loan portion.

Gross Debt Service Ratio

Gross Debt Service Ratio, also called housing expense ratio or front-end ratio, is the proportion of home debt in contrast to a borrower’s income when they are paying the property.

Lenders use this metric information to rate and estimate if a borrower is qualified for a mortgage loan. Normally, borrowers should target a ratio of 36% or less.

Total Debt Service Ratio

Total debt service ratio like gross debt service ratio is one of several metrics used to assess the proportion of gross income spent on ongoing payments and house-related expenses. This determines if lenders should extend a loan to a borrower taking into account their property taxes, credit balances, and monthly obligations.

Generally, borrowers should target a total debt service ratio of 44% or less.

#4 Evaluating Ratios

Lenders measure your financial situation by evaluating your Gross Debt Services (GDS) and Total Debt Service (TDS) ratios when you are applying for a traditional mortgage. Gross Debt Services (GDS) and Total Debt Service (TDS) determine whether you already have the ability to manage your monthly expenses and mortgage obligations.

Using a hybrid mortgage loan makes the bigger portion of your payments an interest-only loan. That being said, you are left with a larger breathing room for other expenses and savings while reducing your TDS ratio. It makes mortgage payments more affordable and possible.

#5 Principal Payments

Your mortgage principal is reduced on the highest interest-rate portion first. This means that the conventional portion of the mortgage is being paid smaller amounts in regards to your principal and interest.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a recent graduate, a new professional in your chosen industry, or a borrower with bad credit records, applying for a mortgage is still possible and affordable.

A hybrid mortgage is created for this sole purpose, to help those who are having difficulties achieving the milestone of having a home. It makes what’s doable and feasible for your future self, conceivable now!

Reach and connect with your trusted mortgage professional while submitting your complete documents and get an approval today in a matter of hours.

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