7 Home Updates That Millennial’s Want for Better Value

When you are planning to sell your home in the future, then it pays to know your  your target market may look for when you’re finally ready to make a sale.If your home is a mid range home, most likely your future buyers will be millennial’s. it really pays to know that when you have plans to renovate your home before a sale, make sure to add a marketable features  and make your home attractive. this is one way to attract your target buyers and increasing your home equity.

Below is a list of popular home updates that millennial’s are looking for.

Larger Kitchen Areas

home buyers nowadays are fan of the open layout concept.  Kitchen nowadays is no longer consider as  a private room in the house of the house. It is now common for families and friends to use as main place for gatherings.  Making the kitchen more open and spacious us one of the great move for your home update especially if your target buyers are millennial home buyers.

Smart Home Features

it is one way  to improve your home equity that you can never go wrong is adding a smart home features. Not just because millennial’s are a fan of this kind of home feature, but you may also  enjoy living in such a home before you sell it.

Bathroom Makeover

Renovating your bathroom is also one way to improve your home value. by updating the bathroom with either minor upgrades or full  renovation by simply  updating your bathroom may change the look and feel of the entire house. When making a home renovation loans, or home renovation mortgages in Canada best move to have a high return of investment is to  improve your kitchen and bathroom.

Home Office Space

You don’t have to have a closed off room to own a fine looking and functional business office. If you’ll dedicate an area for acting at home and add more storage, this home update will surely attract future home buyers. In fact, you may never want to sell your home after

Energy Efficient Features and Appliances

It might hurt your wallet to pay for home improvement more so when you will be using your home equity. However, going for energy efficient appliances and features is an investment that will pay for itself. It adds value to your home equity and helps you save money while the home is still yours.

More Storage

Most people do not think of adding more storage when trying to find home improvement ideas that provide the best value for a renovation project. A home with a huge storage capacity gets a bump up in home equity because built-in storage can make the home seem more spacious and refined.

Dedicated Laundry Rooms

Believe it or not, even people who are trying to find smaller homes can appreciate a home with an obsessive laundry room. It keeps the entire home plenty more organized and better functioning overall.

Are you going to use your home equity for renovations or simply trying to find home improvement ideas that provide the most effective value when building your home equity? If you’re a small amount wanting cash and wish help with any of those, contact us today!


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